Conversations with Teen Mums

Conversations with Teen Mums is a web-based interactive documentary about millennial and generation Z young mums. It depicts the lives of girls catapulted straight into motherhood while still young themselves.

Funded by NZ On Air with additional support from the NZ Film Commission, Conversations was made in Auckland over a period of four years.

Featuring a combination of photographic portraits, personal quotes, written interviews and films, the Conversations website offers audiences a unique window into the minds of NZ young mums who are coming-of-age as their children grow.


  • Director

    Juliette Veber

  • Producer

    Vicky Pope

  • Photography & Interviews

    Juliette Veber

  • Web Design


  • Digital Design Director

    Matthew Buchanan

  • Cactuslab Producer

    Kirstin Marcon


  • Director

    Juliette Veber

  • Producer

    Vicky Pope

  • Camera & Sound

    Juliette Veber

  • Editor

    Prisca Bouchet

  • Sound Design

    Morten Gamst

  • Music Composers

    Joost Langeveld and Chris van de Geer

  • Colourist

    David McLaren

Thanks to our Partners

Special Thanks

To all the young mums, their children, families and educators for sharing your stories and supporting this project. Extra special thanks to the educators, mums and their families at the Taonga Teen Parent Unit and Potiki Early Childhood Centre, Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust, Eden Campus and Ohana Young Parent Unit.


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