Conversations with Teen Mums

I didn’t find out until I was seven months. Cause I knew nothing about it. I was still young. I didn’t really react. I just sat there.
I was meaning to tell my mum. Like, I was sitting there hinting to her, and then I just started crying and let it out. She cried and then she just hugged me. And I felt better, cause mum was my first person I was going to tell. Then I told my dad. The same day I pretty much told everyone. They all came over and supported me.
I never knew that you had a baby in nine months until I told my parents and they said, ‘Oh, you only got two months to go’. It was a shock.
It was like four o’clock in the morning. I started feeling uncomfortable, trying to sleep. Like I still didn't know anything about pregnancy. I only went to one of my appointments.
I just keep moving, and I couldn’t get comfortable so I went for a shower. And then when I was trying to put my pants on it was like sore as and I just like dropped to the ground. But then I managed to get back up and put my pants on. And I tried to go back to sleep. It wouldn’t work. So I woke Ozaryus’ dad up. Then I started crying, and these pains just came. So his mate’s girlfriend said she’d take me to Papakura maternity.
So they laid me in the back of the car and then I pushed once while we were going round this roundabout. I had tights on and like I felt this squishy thing but I didn’t know it was her. When we were turning into the maternity I pushed again and she was already out. When we got there she wasn’t breathing but they managed to wake her up. It was shocking.
They took baby inside. By the time I got in there she was already in her cot thing. I pushed out her placenta and we got rushed to Middlemore Hospital. She was three weeks early, 37 weeks. She had to go in that room where premature babies go. She was there for three weeks.