Conversations with Teen Mums

We’ve got a pretty stacked house at the moment. We’ve got me, my partner, my parents and two brothers and then there’s Carter. We had a laundry that we turned into Carter’s closet for his clothes because he’s so spoilt he’s got everything. Then he’s got his cot in our room and then our bed. It gets pretty messy and it’s pretty packed.
My partner’s in a full time job as an apprentice plumber, so that’s helping out financially heaps. It’s just he’s not around a lot, it’s the only hard thing.
Me and my partner went out for my 18th birthday and we were talking about how things are so different now. Cause we were 15 when we fell pregnant. We were so unsupportive toward each other compared to now.
We first started dating and then I fell pregnant and I decided against termination. He was real anti-pregnancy so I’d be like sitting down saying my feet are sore and he’d be like, ‘Well this is your fault. You wanted to keep this child so you have to deal with the pain that comes with it’. So that was his mindset. It wasn’t until Carter was born that he took the father role seriously. Where we are now is real like settled and there’s no drama. It’s really good and he helps heaps. He’s got a decent job and it's just good.
I think once we moved in together it took a real serious stance and then because he was the eldest of his siblings, he had grown up with the, ‘I’m the eldest, I need to look after these little children’, so that helped heaps. When I became a mother, I just became like, ‘Child, I must look after this child’.
We’ve had hard times, it’s just we worked through it and other couples have just kind of broken up. When Carter was real little it was just me getting up every night, breast feeding, changing, and that was hard. I would constantly bring that up. It was like bickering and nagging. It was a hard time. And then we went through a hard time with like, unfaithfulness. We dabbled in other people and then that just hurt our relationship. Just hurting each other for no real reason. Just childishness. We pretty much just said if it happens again that’s it, we just won’t try. And since then it’s been okay. The past two years have been really good.
I’ve always been spoilt, so I want to be financially stable. I want the big house, I want the flash car. I just want to be flash.
Moving out right now is not a reality, with like how expensive things are at the moment. I want to move out, it’s like a dream, but it’s just not going to happen.